Monday, March 21, 2011

Soooooooooo......I am totally new to this thing called blogging! Xtina has succeeded in putting me on.

I know, I used to question the use of blogging, but I think it is a good way to let those thoughts out! As a therapist in training, I think this is a good tool for individuals who may find it hard to communicate their feelings in person. It may provide some sort of therapeutic healing...

There has been soooo much going on in my head these days. I mean, school, thesis, assignments, internships, interviews, job, family, friends.......where should I start?

Soooooo....back to Xtina!

I freaking love that girl! I remember when I first met her in Dallas, TX in 2008. She was in a room with her laptop out and books all around her. I thought "Dang! Is it that serious? Some nerd she is!" Lol! Jk! But I am sooooo fortunate to have met her. She is such a sweet lil' pumpkin! Always gotta make me laugh!

Then we saw each other again in an opportunity to get to know her even better. I remember when she told me she was going to come down to Atl for like 3 months. I was like, "Man! this girl is soooo ambitious!" She drove all the way down to Atl from Chi by herself! I mean, who does that?! Ha! But, she made that summer soooo much fun for me! *sigh*

Anywho.....this first blog goes to my C.C. aka Cayenne aka Xtina aka MamaIbeji


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  1. Awwwww! MamaIbeji! you already know! I love you boo!!! Who gon check us?! NONE lol!

    You didn't add the part where you made Iyan for 30 people.... with your feet, it was then that I was determined to test my cupid skills. Proverbs31lomo!